YYC Flight Jam Housing

Oh hey there! Just wanted to let you know that we’re extremely excited to have people coming to town for YYC Flight Jam! It’s all of 10 days away!
That means though that this Friday September 9 we’ll no longer be accepting housing applications. Be sure to get your request in and we’ll make sure that you have somewhere to stay for the weekend!

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Boba Fett! Boba Fett! Where?!

Title clearly not related. Not only have we sent out flyers all over north western North America and been taking registrations for YYC Flight Jam, but we even have hit our first price break. August 1st took us from $140 to $150 for the workshop weekend and we’re Really excited to have the Decavitas out for […]

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Summer’s Coming…Sorry Game of Thrones, you’re wrong.

It’s like I blink and the seasons just been fly by (no that’s not a pun, but pretend it is). We had an excellent run over the last few months with a couple new bands who came and played for us in April and a fun collaborative event with JazzYYC the TriTone Tap Ensemble. We’ve slowed down a bit for May wrapping up our Wednesday night practices with Shake It Break It and this is all ino order to devote our time to the events this summer.

There are lots of plans for really exciting things and we are working with Top Cat Swing to bring you an excellent summer.

Things to look forward to in Calgary:
June 24 – Live music with Moments Notice at the Friday Night Hop.
June 30 – Top Cat Swing kicks off their Midsummer’s Night Swing down at Poppy Plaza.
August 26 to 28 – Top Cat Swing present the Round Midnight Lindy Exchange
September 16 to 18 – Fly Right Swing presents the YYC Flight Jam, a workshop with the Decavitas


If you’re the travelling type, you can look forward to:
June 17-21 – The Summer Solstice Lindy Exchange in Edmonton
une 17-20 – Big Sky Weekend in Kalispell, Montana

I can guarantee you that there are things that I don’t know about outside of our province of Alberta, and probably inside too, so you’ll have to forgive me for not including them.

Also, if you’re passing through Edmonton, Red Deer, or Lethbridge, be sure to check out their dance scenes!

Back to work for me on getting all the gears turning at a similar rate and we’ll see you at the hop!


PS: It’s not super apparent, but I hyperlinked the crap out of this page. Hold your cursor of the name of the event and you can get more details.

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Flying Steady at Fly Right Swing

FlyRightBannerClearBG copy

We’re going steady over here at Fly Right Swing. Our weekly social dances are happening every Friday at Mount Pleasant Community Centre, and dancers at our Shake it Break it practices are really stepping up their game! If you’re interested in joining this great team of dancers who practice together every Wednesday, follow the link for more information! We’d love to see you out working on your solo and partner dancing!

For more information regarding our weekly announcements about what’s going on in the scene, check out the links below:

-Lindy Hop Classes through Top Cat Swing
-The Sugar Sweets Present: Broadway Melody
-C Jam Blues Saturday Night Blues Dance
-Lethbridge SWINGvolution Workshop and Exchange

Finally, we’re looking forward to our next live band events on March 18th with The Rhythm Barons!

As always, we’ll See You at The Hop!

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Happy New Year from Fly Right Swing!

We wish you a very happy New Year!

We encourage you to try something new in 2016! If you’ve never made it out to one of our dances, we have plenty of opportunities for you this month, including a special live band event with Brad Shigeta on January 29th! Our beginner lessons will continue to run every Friday from 8:30pm to 9:15pm.

Looking to advance your dancing? Join our weekly practice team, Shake it Break it! If you know some lindy hop already (and are comfortable swinging out), this dance team will help to refine your dancing. With our amazing instructors Leah and Eric, these Wednesday night practices will focus on whatever the team would like to work on. Join us this Wednesday at 8:00pm at DC Dance Club to check out if the team is right for you! For more information visit our Shake it Break it page.

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Dance Team Practices Starting up!

Fly Right Swing has taken on the Shake it Break it dance team! Practices are starting up this Wednesday (December 9th) and all existing team members are welcome to join us at The Flip Factory at 8:15pm. Interested in joining the team? December is our audition month! Anybody who would like to audition is welcome […]

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What’s Going on in December?

We’re cozying up for the winter here at Fly Right Swing, and with that comes very busy and exciting dances! The floor is filling up fast which calls for a reminder to be courteous of fellow dancers. Having to dance “smaller” is not a bad thing! Take it as a challenge to your dancing, and remember, always shoulder check! Another important note regarding winter is to watch where you step with your muddy boots. We ask that everyone have a clean pair of dancing shoes to change into and that wet shoes stay near the entrance. Thanks!

Ellent Doty

We’re SUPER excited for our First Friday Live Band night on December 4th! ELLEN DOTY will be gracing us with her beautiful voice and her talented musicians. Mark your calendars! Find all the details on our Events Page.

*We will NOT be hosting a dance on Christmas day, December 25th. Enjoy your time with friends and family!*

“Like” and follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all upcoming events!


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